I am so annoyed at all the blame this poor women is getting. There is no excuse for this behavior, none. It wouldn't matter if this was a man, a young women or another child. This is not okay, you do not treat people like this! I have no idea if this was on going or if she had reported this behaviour before. But one… » 6/21/12 1:47pm 6/21/12 1:47pm

Hi, are you sure that it's horrible down there? As a straight women I have no idea my vigina should smell like, I just keep it clean, groomed & healthy and assume it smells/tastes the way it should. You vigina might be wonderful just the way it is. You might not like they way your vigina smells, tastes etc. but how do… » 6/04/12 7:59pm 6/04/12 7:59pm

Just read a book called Going Solo by Eric Klinenberg. He points out that the more developed nations have more people who live alone and it's actually a sign of good things, like having a strong social safety net, women making a decent living, social support for the ederly etc etc. People live alone because it the… » 5/31/12 7:28pm 5/31/12 7:28pm

On one hand I think that people are entitled to their opinions and that it's important to talk about things like this. But it also frighten me, I really think someone will watch this and use it as justification for doing something really horrible to a child, pre-teen or teen. As far as consent, I have always thought… » 5/11/12 1:28pm 5/11/12 1:28pm

My mom, a retired teacher, has alot of ex-students as freinds on facebook. She had noticed alot of them used WTF on their posts and decided it must mean "Wait till Friday". She finally asked me about it because she was confused by some post: "Woke up this morning and couldn't find my pants, WTF happen'd last… » 5/10/12 5:32pm 5/10/12 5:32pm

A couple of years ago I watch this entertainment news program and the had this pretty, skinny, young women dress up in a fat suit and wonder around some major city to see what being fat was like. She ended up in tears, not because anyone was horrible to her (no one called her names, stared, threw things etc) they just… » 5/09/12 6:18pm 5/09/12 6:18pm

Does it have to be in 72 hours? I mean if you saw the doctor on Monday, did everything you need to do and had an apt for Thursday and something happend that you couldn't make it, would have have to start all over and wait another 72 hours? If anything that would make me less likely to act on any 2nd thoughts I was… » 5/08/12 5:36pm 5/08/12 5:36pm

I'm also a non-breeder, mainly by choice, but the closer I get to my eggs expiry date I can't help but feel a sense of loss. It's not so much that I regret not having children (my sense of panic over possibly being pregnate is far greater then my sense of panic over never having a mini me) but I think I am really… » 5/06/12 10:40pm 5/06/12 10:40pm

I read this article forever ago about men in India being given guns if they got a vasectomy. I am not saying the gun part is a good idea. But really if a government has a reward program for consenting adults to use safe, reversable birth control isn't that a good thing? » 5/03/12 11:01pm 5/03/12 11:01pm

I am curious about the idea that race counts more if you take part in cultural activities, that you are some how more entitled to be part of that group. I have always thought of race as more of a fact then this burly "oh you look like your..." I know people with one white parent and one native parent where one sibling… » 5/01/12 12:44pm 5/01/12 12:44pm

Romance, mainly historical, love Jane Austen. Strangely I love romances because, in a scary fucked up world, I like the promise of a happy ending, but looking at my DVD's I have a shit load of romantic movies where one of the couple die: Last of the Mohicans (the sister), The Painted Veil, Sliding Doors, Crush. So… » 4/28/12 11:17pm 4/28/12 11:17pm

You just need to wrap your mind around the difference between wanted and unwanted. Pregnacy: a premature baby is wanted. Terminating a pregnancy - baby is unwanted. Sex: Rape is an unwanted sexual act, consensual sex is an wanted sexual act. Break and enter is unwanted person in your home, visiter is wanted person in… » 4/28/12 12:31pm 4/28/12 12:31pm

Okay interesting side note, I am looking for a movie to watch online and there is one called "The Pill" the blurb - Worried that he has gotten the free-spirited Mindy pregnant after an unprotected one-night stand, Fred feigns romantic interest and sticks by her side for twelve hours to make sure she takes both doses… » 4/27/12 10:10pm 4/27/12 10:10pm

ahh we're totally synced up! The whole ten minutes I spent in line behind this yummy smelling guy I had to mentally chat "it is socially inappropriatel to lick strangers, it is socially inappropriatel to lick strangers". I have no idea what it was about his smell, but I think we would have made beautiful babies. » 4/26/12 12:26am 4/26/12 12:26am